{titlexen0000} is the fastest and most secure infrastructure virtualization solution available today. Xen provides an abstraction layer that allows a physical server to run one or more 'virtual servers', effectively decoupling the operating system and its applications from the underlying physical server.

WHAT IS VM.READY? The wider availability of high-end servers has spurred the emergence of "Virtualization-Ready" servers. Simply put, they are endowed with multi-core processors, extra memory, embedded hypervisors and more integrated I/O and are capable of handling the demands of server virtualization software with grace. As virtualization becomes more mainstream across both small and midsized enterprises, Netelligent offers you the ability to shore up reliability, expand management options and ensure application performance.


  • Consolidate Hardware Configurations
  • Simplicity of Deployment
  • Standardize all Operationg Systems
  • Improve Availability, Recovery and Flexibility
  • Less Management and Maintenance Required
  • Save Time and Money
  • Increased ROI
  • Lower Operating Risks
  • Get to Market Faster
  • Increased Application Availability