Adult Hosting values the partnership that is established with our resellers. It's our goal to establish a cost effective, competitive solution to assist our resellers in their local markets. We have developed a reseller package platform that will be mutually beneficial for both company and clients.

What is a Reseller?
A Adult Hosting Reseller is a customer that will resell our Dedicated Servers.

What servers qualify for the reseller program?
All servers offered at regular price found at will quality for the reseller discount rates.

How does the Reseller Discount Work?
The Adult Hosting Reseller Program is a tier based reseller program based upon the volume of servers resold through Adult Hosting. The reseller program starts at the lowest discounted level for reseller rates, and as your total number of resold servers increases so will the appropriate discount levels. Simply put, the more servers you resell for Adult Hosting, the bigger your discount levels become.

How does the Reseller Program Work?
Below are specific information regarding the ADHRP, meant to be a guideline of service offers and levels of support:

Becoming a Reseller
• The ADHRP is structured to provide tier based volume discounts to its approved resellers
• Resellers must be directly approved by a Sales Representative or an Account Manager
• Reseller Agreement and Application must be filled out to review your service offerings

Although our team is always available to assisst you, you need to be aware of the following limitations to technical support involving your end-users:


• We monitor only the -ping- of the servers, it is also your responsibility to monitor your server, and alert us via e-mail or phone when your server appears to be unreachable


• Adult Hosting Resellers are responsible for their own end-user support. Adult Hosting will not provide direct support to customers of customers and all support must be done through approved channels of support (e-mail, ticket system or phone). Should you be unable to support your client's issue directly, you (the Adult Hosting Reseller) or approved staff members, may request support for the issue directly through the approved support methods (e-mail, ticket system or phone). In which case the service is offered 24/7/365


• Adult Hosting is responsible for all hardware related issues. If there is a hardware failure, it is replaced and fixed for no additional charge and within 4 hours maximum


• You may request our support staff to install upgrades for you, however, there may be a charge related to this billed at our normal rates per quarter hour increments. (60$/hour)


• Hacked servers are usually the result of utilizing a word for root password, which can be found in the dictionary. We recommend that you use a combination of letters, lower case and capital, numbers, and symbols, in no specific order. If your site or server is hacked, contact our technical staff immediately, so that we can assist. Please remember, Adult Hosting is not responsible for the content of your server, or its security, please update all necessary patches, when they become available, and keep backups of your sites and content in the event all data is lost. You can also request for RAID servers and backup to avoid losing data. (charges apply for these services)


• Adult Hosting offers email and ticket based support as a MUST for first line contacts. Subsequent contacts once a ticket is submitted can be done via telephone.


• Tickets are replied to as quickly as possible. Normal turnaround time on a ticket is 20 minutes or less. Some problems take longer than others to resolve, so response times may vary. However, all support tickets will be answered within a 24 hour period.


• If you request additional services, the services will not be performed until you verify that you agree to the payment terms expressed above.


• Additional support not covered through normal means will incur a $60 an hour Tech fee billed in 15 minute increments.

As a reseller, you will be billed according to the volume of servers you manage. Below are some guidelines:


• Additional servers may be purchased through your customer area at the already discounted pricing levels.


• The first server purchased through Adult Hosting, must be done through your sales representative or the Adult Hosting website, and note your approved reseller status. The billing department will make the pricing adjustments prior to invoicing and billing for the server(s) ordered.


• All invoices are created on the first day of the month. Invoices are due on the date they are created, and are subject to suspension if not paid within 15 days of invoicing.


• Every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the Adult Hosting Reseller prior to suspension and termination. Resold servers that are suspended may not be re-enabled until the invoice balance has been paid in full.


• To cancel any services, you must submit the cancellation request through your sales representative or by e-mail to and should include the reasons for termination. All cancelations must be done before the end of the current month, the server will remain active until the billing cycle ends and invoice will not be pro-rated for the rest of the month


• Exception: If server is to be cancelled due to an upgrade, involving a transfer of data from the old server to be cancelled to the new server ordered, then Adult Hosting will pro-rate invoices to the time the new server is active.


• When reaching a new tier discount level, the reseller must contact Adult Hosting billing department directly to alert them to the next discount level. Adult Hosting will not automatically adjust pricing to the next discount level.


• Adult Hosting Resellers are liable for all invoices created, regardless if your client has paid you for the servers.


• Resold servers that are suspended for a period of 72 hours with no contact from the Adult Hosting Reseller, and should the end-user wish to pay the balance of the invoices for the server to be transferred, will be turned over to the end-user directly with no ownership of the server after such point being allowed to the Adult Hosting Reseller.

The savings you will accumulate will depend on your volume as well. Here are the basics:


1. Servers listed at with the exception of those servers listed as specials or as found on forums and boards.


2. Products as quoted from time to time by a Adult Hosting agent, applicable reseller discounts will already be applied during the quote.


3. Bulk Discount Orders:
Bulk1 Single Order of 5+ Servers      5% deducted from retail price


4. Reseller shall be granted the following individual server discounts:
Level1 1-5   Total Servers     2nd month of service free (1 free reinstall per month)
Level2 5-15 Total Servers     5% deducted from retail price (2 free reinstall per month)
Level3 16+    Total Servers     15% deducted from retail price (3 free reinstalls per month)